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Happy Nappers Unicorn

Rating 4 Stars

Jay Franco & Sons

Color: pink, white
Package Quantity: 24

The pink, white Unicorn is already experiencing record breaking on-line gross sales! A toddler will adore the Unicorn a great pillow made by Jay Franco & Sons. One of the best features is the ring the doorbell to hear your happy napper's sleepy sounds. Other features include things like happy nappers "the perfect play pillow", no. 1 toy in asotv and 21" in size. The pillow dimensions are 12" Height x 12" Length x 4" Width. It has a weight of 1 lbs. The color for these Pillow Pets is pink, white. 0634573801117 is the EAN barcode, also called the "International Article Number" for this excellent product. pink, white unicorn .

Happy Nappers"The Perfect Play Pillow"reverses from a house-shaped pillow into a cuddly friend and back once more. Ring the Doorbell to hear your Happy Napper's Sleepy Sounds. 21"in Size. Simply unzip the door of the house, pop out your Happy Napper, and then tuck the house away behind them. Cuddly companions for long trips of vacations. 1 Toy in ASOTV. Collect each of the Styles. Happy Nappers"the perfect play pillow ". Ring the house's doorbell to hear your Happy Napper's Sleepy sounds. No.


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